Comics Gobble: The Numbers Edition

Friends, it is Saturday, and I did not finish one comic books this week. Not one. It's the first week since I picked up the first volume of Lumberjanes back in January that I haven't read at least one comic. I've been busy--settling into a new place, starting a new job, adjusting to life with... Continue Reading →

2017 Reading Goals

I’m starting off the new year and this blog with something relatively simple: my 2017 reading goals. I love goals. I love lists, spreadsheets, plans, tasks I can cross off, metrics I can measure my success against. It’s the way my brain works. Reading goals aren’t for everyone. Maybe you’re the kind of person who feels trapped and pressured by the idea of reading goals, as if you’re giving yourself an ultimatum. For me, setting goals feels more like getting myself ready for a long, beautiful climb up a beloved mountain. Setting goals, and then monitoring my progress toward those goals, is part of the joy of reading.

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