Libraries for Life: March 21st

My library addiction is catching up with me this week. I've got unread books due tomorrow that I can't renew because they're on hold! I picked up four new books I'm super excited about, but I can't even look at them because of the backlog! Welcome to the life of someone without self-control, when it... Continue Reading →

Libraries for Life: March 15th

With all the library holds I've got coming in, I've temporality abandoned my "read the books you own" project. I probably could have predicted this. However, I have not put ONE BOOK ON HOLD in the past two weeks! This is a pretty big deal. I've still got 9 open holds, but most of those... Continue Reading →

Libraries for Life: March 7th

Another nor'easter is rolling in, with more high winds and rain predicted. Good thing I've got more library books than I know what to do with to keep me company... LIBRARIES ROCKING IN THIS WEEK As I comb through the library news each week, certain trends emerge: lots of news about libraries cutting back hours... Continue Reading →

Libraries For Life: January 24th

I am in love with libraries. Think about it for a moment. Libraries are buildings full of books. You walk in and you are allowed to take home whatever books you want, for free, and read them. It's mind-bogglingly awesome. And if the magical power of distributing free books to people isn't enough, libraries also... Continue Reading →

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