Reading Spreadsheets

I love spreadsheets. Spreadsheets help me collect data, analyze it, discover patterns, and then learn from those patterns. There are so many ways in which tracking my reading in a spreadsheet widens and deepens my reading. Also, spreadsheets are superb geeky fun.

I did not come up with the idea of reading spreadsheets. Though I’ve tweaked them to work for my own purposes, the inspiration for my reading spreadsheets comes from here and here.

Laura’s 2017 Reading Spreadsheet

Want to follow along with what I’m reading in 2017? You can check out my 2017 Reading Spreadsheet here.

Book Open’s Read Harder Spreadsheet

Want to recommend books you love to me and your fellow Book Open readers? When I came across Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenges, I may have done a little dance. These challenges speak to so many things I love: reading diverse books, reading outside my comfort zone, getting the satisfaction of completing tasks and checking items off a list. In 2017, I’m planning to complete the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Read Harder Challenges, for a total of 72 new books of all kinds! I made a spreadsheet where anyone can add books that fit these challenges tasks. Go ahead, don’t be shy, recommend your favorite books on Book Open’s Read Harder Spreadsheet.

Book Open’s Read Harder (and Harder and Harder and Harder) Spreadsheet

Because my brain thrives on lists, as soon as I saw the Read Harder Challenges, I immediately began thinking up challenge tasks of my own. How many tasks could I come up with that would get me to read books by authors I’d never read before? Genres I hadn’t given a second thought? Books written in languages I don’t speak, from counties I hardly think about, etc. etc. etc.? So I started a spreadsheet with my own ideas for challenge tasks. I haven’t made a challenge with these tasks, but sometimes when I’m looking for a new book, I’ll look through the spreadsheet, and find inspiration to try a book I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Go ahead, add your own ideas for challenge tasks on Book Open’s Read Harder (and Harder and Harder and Harder) Spreadsheet. Everyone’s brain is its own unique and beautiful machine. With all of our brains working together, who knows what amazing books we’ll discover?