What A (Couple) Week(s): April 16th-29th

As predicted, with spring slowly but surely making its way to the island, I've been neglecting blogging. Between turning over my new community garden plot, actually reading books, taking long dog walks, writing fiction, and work getting steadily busier every week, I've had a lot less time to devote to posting reviews. Updates are going... Continue Reading →

What A Week: April 9th-15th

Despite another busy week at work, I did a lot of reading--mostly thanks to a whole bunch of short audiobooks. While none of the books I read this week absolutely floored me, I did thoroughly enjoy Northanger Abbey (my first Austen since high school--don't throw things at me! I'm working on it!), Old Man's War,¬†which... Continue Reading →

What A Week: April 2nd-8th

Now that I'm back in the world of the employed, finishing three books in one week feels like a major accomplishment! Unfortunately, I only loved one of them, but it was so good that it felt like I had a fantastic week of reading anyway. I've gotten bad about not DNFing books recently; I probably... Continue Reading →

What A Week: March 26th-April 1st

You can probably tell my life has shifted into spring mode, since I'm posting this weekly wrap-up on Thursday, rather than Sunday. My seasonal job started last week, which has left me with much less time to read. It's good to be outside working again, and getting back into the rhythm of spring. I'll try... Continue Reading →

What A Week: March 19th-25th

After last week, in which I read a bunch of books that underwhelmed me, there were a lot of standouts this week. Two books let me down: Ancillary Justice, which people have been raving about for years, and Children of Blood and Bone, which has gotten a ton of hype. I truly hated Ancillary Justice... Continue Reading →

What A Week: March 12th-18th

My reading this week was a bit...meh. I'm not sure why, but I kept picking up books I wasn't super into, and finishing them. I'm usually good about DNFing books when I'm not feeling them, but for some reason, this year, I've been reverting to old habits and making myself finish books I'm only lukewarm... Continue Reading →

What A Week: March 5th-11th

I'm currently fighting off a cold, so I've been curled up on the couch all weekend. It's meant plenty of time for reading, but the sun is finally out after days of rain, so I'd much rather be out enjoying the sunshine and ocean. On top of that, I learned today that the historic African... Continue Reading →

What A Week: February 19th-25th

It's hard to believe February is almost over. It's been rainy and foggy on my little island, which has made for many pleasant afternoons reading. The highlight of this week was Their Eyes Were Watching God, which I reread for the first time since high school. It was so incredibly good that it sent me... Continue Reading →

What A Week: February 12th-18th

It was another week of varied and eclectic reading! I'm still devouring books at a rapid pace, although, to be fair, I live alone and listen to audiobooks while cooking, eating, and walking the dog. That's a lot of extra reading time. My favorites this week by far were This Will Be My Undoing by... Continue Reading →

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