Libraries for Life: March 15th

With all the library holds I’ve got coming in, I’ve temporality abandoned my “read the books you own” project. I probably could have predicted this. However, I have not put ONE BOOK ON HOLD in the past two weeks! This is a pretty big deal. I’ve still got 9 open holds, but most of those books aren’t out until May. So, the theme of the next two months is: work through the library backlog. Then I can head into summer free from holds and prepared to give my own shelves some love…


This week, a fascinating story from WEBZ Chicago about the various historical artifacts housed in the four major archives of the Chicago Public Library. From a civil war sword to the original manuscript for Grease to the poems of Gwendolyn Brooks, library archives hold a lot of neat artifacts, and have a lot to teach us about history! This is a great read.



All new releases this week. I’ve been reading more new releases this year than ever before in my life, I think. It’s definitely a side effect of being more immersed in the bookish world. I’m enjoying a lot of these books, but I’m also looking forward to reading more backlist books in the second half of 2018. (I got a bit overzealous requesting new books back in December…and now they’re all catching up with me!)



Thanks, as always, to:

  • Brooks Free Library (Harwich)
  • Hyannis Public Library
  • Brewster Ladies Library

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