Libraries for Life: March 7th

Another nor’easter is rolling in, with more high winds and rain predicted. Good thing I’ve got more library books than I know what to do with to keep me company…


As I comb through the library news each week, certain trends emerge: lots of news about libraries cutting back hours and fighting for funding. So, while the news of a few pubic libraries getting major renovations or adding new services isn’t anything earth-shattering, it’s a good reminder that libraries are still vital. Despite the struggles they encounter, libraries are moving forward and reimagining themselves in new ways to better serve their communities.



All nonfiction this week! This week’s haul is also a nice illustration of how much my reading has changed in the past two years. Three years ago, I doubt I would have checked out any of these books. I rarely read memoir or any kind of graphic storytelling, let alone straight-up nonfiction, no matter how interesting or important the subject matter. My reading habits have changed a lot, and I am so thankful. I take so much pleasure in reading all kinds of books, vastly different from each other, and my world is richer for it.


I placed this hold back in December and it finally came in this week! I’ve got a few short audiobooks from Hoopla to listen to first, but I’m excited to start this one this weekend.


It can be tricky to get to and from this little island in the winter. This past weekend’s nor’easter interrupted boat service for a few days. Luckily, I picked up these books before the storm. Thanks, as always, to the libraries who send their books across the Sound for readers like me:

  • Falmouth Public Library
  • Vineyard Haven Public Library
  • Nantucket Atheneum

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