Libraries for Life: February 28th

All those holds I put in back in January, on books that were not coming out until February and March…they’re starting to catch up with me! I thought I’d done a pretty good job spreading them out, but apparently I got overexcited back in the depths of winter. Now my house is liked the woods after a good spring rain: new books are popping up everywhere like mushrooms.

I would be lost without renewals. Thanks for the leeway, library gods.


In response to Trump’s attempt to defund the Institute of Museum and Library Services in his federal budget proposal, Sue Halpern wrote a gorgeous ode to libraries and the unique and essential part they play in democtactic society. It’s definitely worth a read.



Once again, all new releases this week, although, thankfully, only three! I’m most excited about Girls Burn Brighter, but I’m also looking forward to continuing my 2018 theme, Year of the Essay, with Marilynne Robinson’s new book, which I know is going to be incredibly smart.


I’ve got way too many physical library books piled up around my house at the moment, so I went on a freezing spree and suspended every virtual hold I had, even then ones that Libby says won’t be ready for two weeks. Just to play it safe. I need a breather!


My books this week came from two islands, plus the mainland. Thanks, as always to:

  • Vineyard Haven Public Library
  • Brooks Free Library (Harwich)
  • Nantucket Atheneum

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