Lone Wolf by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

lone-wolfLone Wolf, in a nutshell: Hunter Easton, writer of the uber popular Wolf’s Landing series, has a major case of writer’s block. Until he reads the novel-length fanfic written by his online friend, Lone Wolf. He falls in love with the book, decides it is exactly what the series needs, and figures it is time to meet the author, Kevin Hussain. Sparks, drama, love, etc.!

I love romance novels with entertaining subplots, and this one was super fun. It was all about fandoms, geek culture, and the writing process. Hunter and Kevin spend (just about) as much time editing/brainstorming/writing etc. as they do having sex. It wasn’t ever too serious, but was definitely a great hook.

I did find the second half a bit slow. There were a few too many repeated conversations and not enough dramatic tension. I wanted the big “oh no this isn’t working what do we do!” moment to happen sooner, and for the characters to have to wrestle with each other just a little more. All the elements were there, but the pacing was  a bit off.

Lone Wolf is part of the Bluewater Bay series. There are upwards of 20 books now, and though the quality varies, what I love about the Bluewater Bay universe is that just about everyone in this tiny logging town in rural Washington is queer. Realistic? Who cares!? Sure, the sleepy town got an influx of new blood when the the Wolf’s landing TV show started filming there, but it’s not just the cast and crew who are queer. The innkeepers, the bartenders, the loggers, the locals–yup, it’s everyone.  Escapist and delightful? You bet. (Although a few more stories about queer women would be welcome–it’s primarily m/m romance.)

It’s been interesting to see how my new goal of reviewing everything I read is changing how I read beautiful fluff. I haven’t decided if it’s good or bad yet. I notice small flaws that I probably would simply have ignored before, because I’m thinking about how I’ll review the book. So far it hasn’t gotten in the way of my enjoyment of lighter novels, and it might even increase my enjoyment of the really good ones. But the jury is still out. I may decide to revert to my earlier policy of only reviewing books that make me think–which would still include some beautiful fluff, because it isn’t always 100% fluffy.

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