Libraries for Life: February 14th

I started out 2018 with the best intentions to read more of the books I own. Predictably, I haven’t managed to curb my library addiction. But I am doing marginally better than I anticpiated. Here’s this year’s breakdown of where I get the books I’m reading:

Library Books: 60%
Owned Books: 27%
Advance Reader Copies: 7%
Comixology Unlimited Borrows: 5%

The library comes out on top, but I am making a (small) dent in my bookshelves. And this week I only collected four library books. JUST FOUR!




All my library books this week happen to be brand new 2018 releases! I have already devoured The Prince and the Dressmaker, which is utterly delightful (read my full review here). I’ve just started Feel Free, which collects both new and previously published essays by Zadie Smith on a wide variety of subjects. As always, her writing is sharp and beautiful. Freshwater and The Friend are two novels I’m looking forward to…there’s just the small problem of the nine unread library books from the last few weeks sitting on my counter…


A whole bunch of fun romance and science fiction came in this week! I like to read what I fondly refer to as beautiful fluff before bed–books that are pure fun, with happy endings and little to no darkness. These should keep me going for a while.


Thanks this week to the folks at the following libraries for sending such great books to my little island:

  • Wellfleet Public Library
  • Brewster Ladies’ Library
  • Eastham Public Library
  • as always, the Nantucket Atheneum

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