Libraries for Life: January 31st

When I went to pick up my holds this week, I brought back The Immortalists, which I had just finished. The librarian asked me how it was–she said it had been crossing the desk a lot. I told her I loved it. Her comment got me thinking about the lives of library books. The Immortalists is a buzzy new release. I bet there’s a hold on it right now, and it won’t even go back to the shelves, it’ll just go directly to whoever’s next in line to read it.

I love libraries for a million reasons, but this is one of them: imagining the lives of books as they travel from household to household, person to person, mind to mind. Sometimes they just go down the street and sometimes they cross from town to town, state to state, even (in my case), island to island! What a lovely chain to be a part of.




This week’s haul is, thankfully, quite manageable, which is a good thing, since I’ve still got a stack six books deep from last week. I’m excited about Halsey Street and A Land of Permanent Goodbyes–both recent 2018 releases, but I’m equally excited about Embroideries, Marjane Satrapi’s comic about the sex lives of Iranian women. I like to keep my reading as varied as possible, and this week’s library haul reflects that nicely:poetry, comics, YA and adult fiction, two recent releases and a book published in 1987.

Check back in the coming weeks to read reviews of these books as I finish them.


I’m usually very careful with my virtual holds, suspending them as needed so that I’m never overwhelmed with more audiobooks than I can listen to. I got a bit overexcited at the beginning of the new year, though, and now I have a mini backup of audiobooks. Luckily, these are all fairly shot, and they all come from the library network that lets me check out books for 21 days…


Thanks to the following libraries for providing me with free and abundant books this week:

  • Cary Memorial Library (My hometown library! By coincidence, a book I requested through the Commonwealth Catalogue came to me this week from the library where I got my very first library card.)
  • Wellfleet Public Library
  • Truro Public Library
  • Cotuit Public Library

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